GEN Trainer and Ambassador

John-Paul has worked as an Ambassador to Ireland for GEN since July 2017 and in July 2017 he also took part in the world’s first ever GEN Training of Trainers event in an Ecovillage in Estonia and is now certified as a GEN Trainer.


The training was for 5 intense days with 35 amazing people from 17 different countries. We had people from USA, The Philippines, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Turkey, Jordan and South Korea, also from all over Europe including Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Austria, France, Hungary, Finland, Scotland, England and of course Ireland. An amazing team of people, all determined to be the change-makers. The training was delivered by the wonderful Kosha Joubert (GEN CEO) and the delightful Anna Kovasna (Director of GEN Education).

GEN Training


John-Paul is currently offering training in the
following areas of the GEN Education curriculum:

Ecovillage Presentation

Inspiring sessions on the power of holistic and community-led initiatives for positive change and regeneration worldwide.

Ecovillage Design Introduction

Inspiration to Action: a short workshop introducing the holistic view of regeneration and participatory design at the heart of the ecovillage model.

Other GEN Trainings

are also offered with John-Paul working in partnership with GEN colleagues. Click button below for full range of GEN Education programme.

GEN Ecovillage Programmes


John-Paul as a GEN Ambassador and Trainer is also offering
consultations on 4 of the 5 GEN Ecovillage Programmes:

Ecovillage Incubation Programme

Set up new intentional communities and ecovillages.

Ecovillage Transition/ Development Programme

Develop existing settlements into ecovillages on regional and national levels (see the Pan African Ecovillage Development Programme).

Greening Schools for Sustainable Communities Programme

Set up green schools as hubs for whole community sustainable development.

Urban Eco-Neighbourhoods Programme

Pan African Ecovillage Development Programme

For the past 20 some years the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) and it’s regional affiliate, GEN-Africa, have been developing a transformative model, using an integrated, multi-sectoral community-based approach to create sustainable and resilient ecovillage communities. Many of these ecovillages are among the most sustainable of communities on earth.
Pan African Ecovillage Development Programme
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